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Funny Festival 2015

2015 Cape Town Funny Festival

The 11th Jive Cape Town Funny Festival delivered by Turkish Airlines takes place

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Round Table scooter challenge

Round Table Scooter Challenge

Follow the Border Area of Round Table of South Africa as they plan to ride 5 or

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Wine Tasting

UK Wine Tasting

Calling all residents of the UK to join us for an evening of Wine tasting of Sou

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Patient Stories



Baby Junior Silwana, born on 15 October 2014 was just 5 months old when he bec

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Damian SarahFox


Damian was born on 6 July 2014 and at only four months old, he contracted a lu

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Thabelo Mkhize, aged 9, was born with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) but cl

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Parents' Accommodation opening

80-Bed Parents’ Accommodation Facility unveiled

An upgraded and newly expanded facility was launched on Thursday, 23 April at th

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Show Moms the Love they Deserve this Mother’s Day

Pay tribute to all the moms who will be keeping vigil at their child’s be

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Groundbreaking Homecare Programme Recognised as Health Innovation

The simple act of breathing is difficult or impossible for some children. Childr

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